There’s an advantage to wanting to be like Albert Einstein: E=MC2 means life starts with more than just The Big Bang.

Technically it starts when you focus on your dreams and follow through.

The Wannabe Einstein Diaries: Tales of a Future Astronaut follow 13 year old Kiel McCarty on his quest to become an astronaut (or the next Albert Einstein). He wants to man the first mission to Mars. Two things stand in his way, beginner chemistry and physics in 8th grade. Sir Issac Newton’s discovery of gravity more than 300 years ago has him stumbling through the school year right from the beginning. Adding in Dmitri Ivanovich’s creation of the Periodic Table leaves him wondering if he is going to make it to the end alive. Not to mention his physics teacher really reminds him of Superman.

He has three close allies in his life, besides an extended supportive family and his educational instructors. His Dad who is a biomedical scientist, his Mom an English teacher (not in the same school thankfully), and his best friend Piper Hart the math genius. Each root for him in their own way and want to see him succeed…

There’s always the one classmate who is an annoying pest and thinks they’re better than you. They create a competition in their mind and make you their worst enemy. Here comes, Victor Hernandez, the school creep who is always trying to one-up Kiel. Always. Piper gives Victor “the glare” at least once a day to deflect any sort of scuffle.

Superman defied gravity and Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Dr. Who traveled in the TARDIS and Bumble Bee (whose one cool Camaro SS) came to Earth as an asteroid. But Kiel wants to leave the planet shooting for the stars, be on the first manned mission to Mars, and come back without a bad sunburn from the Sun’s solar flares in 2024 (not to mention the beach house in the summer).

From spitballs in physics class, finding out who dropped an “atomic” bomb,  to the end of the year Science Fair, someone will be the new Albert Einstein of 8th grade.


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