“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” — Albert Einstein

The name is Megan but most call me Em. And I am the voice behind 13 year old Kiel McCarty in The Wannabe Einstein Diaries: Tales of a Future Astronaut. I am a nerd, plain and simple. I have a very unhealthy obsession with searching Amazon Prime and watching all I can about the creation of the universe. I search out news articles on science-y type things. Which reminds me, they just named element 115 in August of this year! One thing I haven’t done is chemistry or physics, but I am learning a lot while writing. I’m being quite vicarious through Kiel in these books because I am a beginner as well. It is both a learning experience for him and me.

Newton discovered, or rather named, gravity and I have a bad habit of spilling things, not picking my feet up that well to walk, and tripping over my roommate’s dog. Apparently he has the hang of gravity better than I do. And so does everybody else, including Kiel. Except for that pesky backpack gets in the way from his nemesis. Superman defied physics. Armstrong landed on the moon. Dr. Who traveled through time in the TARDIS. They all defy gravity in one way or another. The simple question of why entered my mind.

What two household items can you mix together to make a volcano? What do you need to make slime? Is it possible to blow a hole in your chemistry lab table and not get suspended? Why did my science fair project (I made rock candy) look so lame compared to what could actually be produced? Again, the question of why entered my mind. Heck, I don’t even know if you need chemistry to become an astronaut, but it works well and brings so much more to the adventures for Kiel.

From then on, I knew I had to write these adventures.

The first book is quite rough and still in the works. I find myself laughing more and wiping the tears from my face right along with Kiel’s family. What could possibly go wrong in beginners chemistry and physics. Apparently more than I had ever thought.


P.S. My drawing skills match that of the pencil that I’m using. Which makes for a lot of stick figures and cheesy smiles. Or wickedly angled hair like Albert Einstein’s. Simply, I’m horrible. So, please excuse the squiggly lines because that’s all I have to work with.