My Diary


Seventh grade was weird last year. But this year I start all new classes. Whiz is right beside me except for math class. She is doing algebra instead of 8th grade math. *facepalms* No, it puts her in 9th grade math, a year a head of me. Genius…Never mind that. I’m looking forward to my first year in Chemistry and Physics. If I am anything like my Dad and Mom, I’m bound to get a call home more than once. Maybe 100s! [cringes]

My First “Real” Entry…

August 5th, 2009

School is on Monday and Whiz just left. She crawled out of my bedroom window a million times, but tonight– She ran into the bush right in front of it. Flipped into it, and flailed everywhere. I mean hands and arms being thrown about everywhere. I fell out of my chair laughing when I heard her scream. It was funny. She popped up and glared at me while she wiped her face off. The she threw something at me and stomped off. I think she was mad.

Brb…I smell dog poop!

Ugh! I’m back!!!

Whiz threw Shiloh’s poop on me!!!


-and gags more-

-and gags even more-



I’m really nervous. Whiz and I are both nervous. She has Mr. Daniel for Math. I have Mr. Kent for Physics. (I’ve heard he’s a little spacey, but I’ll see.)  And we both have Mr. Herbert for Chemistry. Whiz has physics the same time I do. She’s in a different class though (I thought I’d point that out so there isn’t a question why she wasn’t in class with me). We are both really nervous though.

Tomorrow night Aunt Charlie and Uncle Tex (His real name is Wilbur) are flying in, so I will write on Monday after school.

To Infinity and Beyond,



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